Sit on top fishing kayak for sale

Looking for a new sport or hobby to get into? The United States is home to some of the most varied and engaging outdoor experiences worldwide, partially due to its naturally vibrant environments ranging from deciduous forest to windswept beach fronts. For those who love the cool rush of water and want something as engaging as it is physically thrilling, kayaking is the way to go. This is a sport beloved by millions of Americans and can see you developing your upper arm strength as well as your sense of adventure.

History Of Kayaks

Before you look into getting a rotomolded kayak, consider where they originated. The Aleut, Inuit and Yup’ik peoples of the Arctic Circle crafted kayaks at least 4,000 to 5,000 years ago — the term comes from an Inuit word meaning ‘hunter’s boat’. These would later become more widespread throughout the west, coveted for their sleek design and incredibly useful application in fishing, traveling and exercising. Many sports stores collaborate with kayak manufacturers to now sell rotomolded kayak models, recreational kayak models and various kayak fishing equipment.

Common Water-Based Sports

When you’ve got a bevy of lakes, rivers and oceanfronts to choose from there’s no reason not to get started. Studies have shown over 11 million youth participants engaging in fishing activities, with an impressive 50 million fishermen and anglers working around the clock. The year 2015 saw more than 45 million Americans taking at least one fishing trip, whether it’s with the family or in a camping group, and both kayaking and boating are some of the most beloved ways of enjoying the water. Whether you like to swim or enjoy the feel of the spray on your face, you’ll never have a lack of options with the best in kayaks for fishing.

Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise

Thinking of all the ways exercise and the great outdoors can increase your quality of life? Well, you’re on the right track. A 2009 study examining PTSD saw fishing can significantly lower day-to-day symptoms as well as increase the mood of those that suffer from the disorder — a mere three days of fly fishing saw participants reporting a 32% reduction in guilt as well as a 43% decrease in feelings of hostility. Additional mental disorders such as chronic anxiety and panic disorder can also reap the benefits of relaxing water-based hobbies.

Physical Health Benefits Of Exercise

There’s nothing quite like getting a full day’s exercise. Well over 21 million Americans (that’s almost 8% of the population) enjoy paddling on rivers, lakes and streams. One of the most well-known aspects of kayaking is the significant impact it has on your physical health — it can improve your heart health, upper-respiratory ability and reduce your risk for common issues like heart disease and stroke. Due to the strain it puts on the upper body you can also see significant muscle build-up along your arms, shoulders and stomach.

How To Get Started Kayaking

Ready to buy a rotomolded kayak? Kayaking is a fantastic way of tackling mental health and physical health in one swoop, creating a healthier you while giving you some beautiful sights to admire and enjoy with family and friends. A recreational sit-in is often 12 feet long or less (this is comparable in size to your typical sit-on-top), with a broader beam and a bigger cockpit than your average touring model. Overall, Americans went on over 38 million kayak fishing outings back in 2014. When it comes to choosing a fantastic hobby that covers all your bases, you can’t go wrong with picking up a paddle and going kayaking.

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