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Since you love to watch soccer tournaments, are you planning to travel to England for a unique cultural experience? Travel soccer tours are a fantastic way to watch live performances of your favorite team players as well as have a first-hand experience of what it’s like to be in the bleachers, or on the field, during a tournament.

Sports Travel Magazine reports that in 2012, 27% of all trips people took were specifically to attend or participate in a sports-oriented event. When sports were just one of the reasons for planning a specific vacation destination, 90% of these trips included sports events.

Did you know that England has had organized soccer since 1848 when the first game rules were created at Cambridge University? The World Cup began in 1930, and since then, there’s been a tournament every four years. The World Cup tournament, as you know, determines which team will reign supreme.

If you’re planning to attend England soccer tours, then were you aware that English soccer, or football, has a Premier League? This league has a hierarchical structure where the best 20 teams are the ones that play.

Since you’re a soccer enthusiast, you’re no doubt aware why there are 32 panels on a traditional soccer ball. Each one of these panels represents a European country for this extremely popular trans-national sport.

Were you also aware how far a professional soccer player runs during a regular soccer game? You might be surprised to know that they tend to run a minimum of 3.9 miles, or 48 kilometers, during an average game.

If you’re one of the 25 million kids that play soccer every year across the globe, then you know how much fun this team-building sport can be. Studies show that when students engage in regular exercise, they are usually much happier and more energized.

In fact, for those students that exercised six-to-seven days a week, 25.1% said that over the past year, they only felt sad for two weeks or so. The students that never exercised, or only exercised one day a week, 35.7% said that they felt sad for two weeks or more over the past year.

If you’re still in the planning stages of a solo or family vacation, consider England soccer tours for a unique cultural experience.

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