Ultrahigh-speed camera

High speed cameras, in addition to slow motion cameras, have a long history, beginning in the 19th century. The famous example cites one Eadward Muybridge photographing a horse running, in order to figure out whether of not it’s hooves touched the ground when it ran, but the technology and research that made this possible began long before this time (they do, indeed, leave the ground).

Since then, high speed cameras have come even farther, and have made some groundbreaking research possible. High speed photography has allowed for industrial breakthroughs, and innovative arts in photography and film.

Slow motion cameras have done the same thing that high speed cameras have , in the sense that they have allowed for innovative discoveries. Shutter speeds are usually measured in fractions of a second and typically range from one full second to 1/1000th of a second. The longer the shutter remains open, the more light is allowed onto the film. Check out some of them right here:

Medical Use
Probably the most important and groundbreaking use of this new technology has been to utilize it for the medical industry. Medical researchers are able to slow everything way down, to look at how disease, viruses, genes, cells, and even molecules move and defend or attack the body. By attaining a better understanding of the way that the body’s immune system works, we can better understand exactly how to develop new vaccines and medicines.

On the recreational side of things, slow motion photography has allowed for many innovations when it comes to training and understanding how best to optimize the body in competitive sports.

Traffic Patterns
Sometimes the naked eye is simply not enough, and it is not abundantly clear exactly how or why accidents happened, if there were faults in the traffic system, and where bad road conditions tend to occur.

Photography with a high frame rate camera is a great way to take a critical look at the world, and indeed with a 3-megapixel camera, you can take a higher-resolution picture than most computer monitors can display. It is a great way to make the world a safer and better place, by boosting technological innovations.

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