Custom design pools houston

In the early 1950s, William Levitt began to build the first planned suburban community in America, which was called “Levittown.” He offered returning World War II veterans the chance to move out of the big city and to settle comfortably in their own homes. His building plan included places to shop and to socialize, as well as public swimming pools that were open to all the residents of the town.

What was once an unheard-of luxury — the in ground swimming pool — in the 1950s is now practically a necessity for about 10 million Americans across the country. Luxury pool sales and installations continue to rise; pool installers are now able to work with customers to customize swimming pools to many different styles and tastes.

Pool installers
report that typically, a pool should take less than six weeks to be completely installed. Many homeowners request pools with built-in spas or pools that feature areas to socialize with and entertain guests. Swimming does remain one of the most popular pastimes among children, and about one in every seven adults reports swimming regularly.

For custom residential pool installations
, many pool installers will ask that homeowners communicate their ideas to a swimming pool designer or to a team of experts who only work on swimming pools. Once the designers are confident that they can translate the homeowners’ visions into reality, work can begin on building the swimming pool.

The demand for custom designed pools is high: right now, many homeowners are looking for pools that they can entertain in but also exercise in. Some custom pool designs feature underwater treadmills or hot tubs with massage functions. Homeowners are even turning to solar power to heat their pools without a lot of electricity.

What was once a rare sight in America — the in ground pool — has undergone a considerable evolution in the last 60 years or so. Customized, unusual backyard pools and entertainment settings have become the norm, and pool builders are more than willing to work with homeowners to create an outdoor landscape that they can be proud to share.

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