With the popularization of skate video games and extreme sports coverage, more and more people are rigging boards to handle high speeds and sick jumps. When the first X Games were covered in 1995, no one could have guessed the degree to which it impacted the later market, creating a whole generation of skaters and adrenaline junkies. With boards for every occasion, anyone can simply grab a board and learn to grind, jump, and flip like the pros.

Snow Sports

Nearly 11 million people in the United States participated in skiing or snowboarding between spring of 2013 and spring of 2014.The Rocky Mountains is home to several world-renowned ski slopes and resorts built to challenge and entertain people of all skill-levels. The average snowboard will range between 39 inches to 70 inches long. Those who are of medium build and around 150 pounds ought to look for a medium-flex snowboard for the most control and comfort.

Water Sports

From the coldest places on earth to some of the most beautiful and tropical locations on the planet; surfing and other water sports are a favorite of locals and tourists alike. There are as many as 1,736,000 Americans who surf every year, making it one of the most popular beachfront activities. Like skate and snowboarding, surfboards are often customized according to the rider, leading to roughly 400,000 surfboards produced each year. Additionally, there is a growing number of paddle boarders as 2 million Americans tried the sport out in 2013.

Street Sports

The first skateboards started as little more than boxes outfitted with wheels in the 1940’s. Today, there are up to 11 million Americans that enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. The United States has over 500 skate parks where scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards can be found en mass. Up to 61% of skateboarders have been riding for between one and four years and 77% of skaters prefer to shop with small specialty brands used by casual and professional skaters alike. Finding the ideal board varies from person to person, thankfully professional sales associates are available to help turn novices into pros with a little bit of work.

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