Kenai fishing trips

If you’ve been thinking about going on a fishing vacation, then do it. It doesn’t matter if you want to go on fishing trips to Alaska, or just try king salmon fishing in California, just go out and do it. It’s good for you, after all. Here’s how.

Fishing is great exercise. – Unless you go fishing on a boat, it’s great exercise for you. Think about it. You’re working out you arms every time you cast your rod. You get a good walk in as you wade through the water. Not to mention the work out you get when you haul the big one in. Though you’re probably not going to drop any pounds when you go fishing, you’re going to improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Fishing is good for your immune system. – Believe it or not, fishing is good for your immune system. Since you’re out in the sun, you’re getting more vitamin D, which boosts your immune system. Consequently, your body is more capable of fighting off diseases and illnesses, improving your overall health.

Fishing is good for your brain. – Some people might think fishing is a pretty mindless game to play, but it’s actually good for the brain. Unplugging from the daily drudgery, and getting away from it all can help the brain relax, and relieve stress. A study from Japan even found that those who spend a few hours in nature had lower pulses, blood pressure, and cortisol rates than those who spend those hours in a city.

Take that fishing vacation you’ve been thinking about
. You won’t regret it. It’ll get you some exercise, help boost your immune system, and will even help your brain. Why get stressed out at Disney Land when you can just go relax in nature, after all?

If you have any questions how great it can be, feel free to share in the comments.

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