Magnetic stick n stack

Children’s minds are ever-changing and evolving, so why shouldn’t their toys be? While television and videogames are both educational and entertaining, there’s nothing saying you can’t go a little old-fashioned once in a while. Creative toys for children are both simple and complex, challenging their still-developing cognitive abilities with strategy and problem solving. Whether you’re child is two or four or six or eight, they all stand to benefit from a range of creative toys, such as magnetic tiles and block puzzles.

What Should My Child Be Learning Right Now?

Children ages 5 to 6 should be able to count up to 10 objects at any given time, while children ages 3 to 5 should learn to count from 1 to 25. Children in those age ranges should also play with things specifically geared to solving problems, such as puzzles and blocks that snap together. Even a mere 15 minutes of playtime will have children using mathematical and spatial reasoning to interact with their toys or environment.

What Are The Mental Health Benefits Of Creative Toys For Children?

Did you know the human brain will grow continuously until the age of 18? That’s quite a head start! A child’s brain will reach around 90% of its adult weight once they reach eight years old and a stimulating environment provides your child with a 25% greater ability to learn. Everything from magnetic toys to kids science toys provide your child with multiple opportunities to flex those mental muscles while having fun!

What About Adults?

A recent survey found 66% of adults who worked in math-related roles, such as accountants and bankers, had preferred playing with puzzles when they were children. A research study found over 60% of adults who worked in artistic fields, such as designers, had greatly enjoyed building blocks as a kid. The toys and activities you give your child can very well help them with their future career by building a strong mental and emotional foundation.

Educational toys go a long way in teaching your child the skills they’ll need in school and their social life. It’s especially important to choose what your child is interested in, as even the best toys won’t mean much if they don’t suit their specific personality and interests! Now that you know a little more about creative toys for children, check out your local toy store and consider getting a magnetic building set. You and your kid will both learn something new!

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