Youth soccer programs

How do you keep your kids fit and happy? Look into local sports programs! Summer camps are an increasingly common option for the busy and time-strapped parent, allowing mothers and fathers free time for their classes or work and children an outlet for their boundless energy. Soccer camps are especially popular, teaching children useful skills like teamwork while allowing them to make friends and stay fit. Keep reading to learn more about soccer programs, how to teach soccer to kids and the countless benefits it’ll have on both you and your child!

Fun Facts About Soccer

Did you know soccer is the second most popular youth sport in the U.S., right behind basketball? Even baseball and football aren’t as beloved among kids! As many as 284,000 boys and 209,000 girls in the United States play high school soccer and a common reason (besides the invigorating challenge) is the ability to interact with their friends or make new ones. More than 11 million children attend soccer training and summer camps every year, so consider enrolling your children the next time you see an ad or flyer in the newspaper. While young ones can be stubborn at first, they’ll quickly forget any concerns when faced with endless days of challenge and fun! Only one in three children on average get their daily recommended dose of physical activity on average, which can lead to multiple health and social issues down the road. Speaking of which…

Health Benefits Of Soccer

The American Heart Association recommends that children have at least an hour of physical activity per day to maintain healthy muscle growth, bone density and strong immune systems. Regular exercise is known to prevent common long-term illnesses like type 2 diabetes. An adolescent can even expect to run as many as seven miles during a single game. If you want to learn how to teach soccer to kids but can’t find the time to do so, look no further than local soccer coaching. Soccer programs for kids are a smart, modern and healthy option for adults and children alike — take a look at local youth soccer leagues in your city or town and see what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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