Summer camps

School’s not out for summer just yet, so the time for parents to consider the many summer camps available to their kids isn’t over. Today there are more than 12,000 camps for kids and adults in the United States alone, with 5,000 or so of them operating just as day camps. Whether your kids want to get away for a few days or you just need something to keep them occupied for the daytime, there are plenty of options — maybe even some right in your community. Here are just three types of kids camps that are great for the summer:

    1. Beach Camps: Most summer camps take place in rural areas in the woods, but there’s another great setting that kids are sure to love. Why not head to the beach? Beach camps are made to give kids the chance to swim, play games, and enjoy sunny weather all while learning about boating or safety on the water. Some beach camps are also day camps, so kids have the chance to soak up the sun while you’re at work.

    2. Drama Camps: If your children are future stars or could use a confidence booster, why not enroll them in a drama camp? Drama camps focus on the performing arts, and they can also provide some education for kids while they’re on summer break. These programs emphasize teamwork as kids strive to work toward the common goal of putting on a performance at the end of the week, month, or season.

    3. Sports Camps: Do your kids like to play a particular sport, or are they interested in trying one? If so, a sports camp may be a good fit. From soccer and football to swimming and tennis, there are all kinds of activities at these summer camps. Sports camps are ideal as kids fitness programs, especially when considering the statistics. Kids today spend approximately 7-1/2 hours per day in front of the TV or computer, and only one-third get the recommended amount of physical activity each day. A summer camp emphasizing sports is a good way to remedy these issues. Like other camps, they have an emphasis on kids nutrition, too, to instill good eating habits in kids at an early age.

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