Tumbling instructions

Did you know that many of our presidents were cheerleaders? George W. Bush, Franklin Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower were all cheerleaders at one point in their life. If you have any children interested in becoming cheerleaders or gymnasts, tumbling classes are an absolute must. Tumbling instruction teachers kids the importance of hand placement and how to perform moves such as cartwheels and somersaults. With 80% of American schools offering some form of a cheer team, it’s important to prepare kids early.

Aside from the benefits for potential future athletic careers (such as private cheerleading coaches or competitive cheerleading), tumbling classes help develop many other positive traits that all children can benefit from. If you’re considering tumbling classes for any of your kids, here are some lesser-known perks you should take under advisement:

1. Boosting Self Confidence
Just like any other sport, tumbling can build up your child’s self confidence. Watching them accomplish new tasks and master new moves can really help strengthen their inner confidence. The performance aspects of this sport also offer them the opportunity to shine in front of others.

2. Increased Flexibility
Even if your child doesn’t plan to become a gymnast or cheerleader later in life, improving their flexibility can only benefit them. Flexibility is important in many other sports, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and football (to name a few), and can help them better stretch sore or over-worked muscles.

3. Teaching Coordination
Learning how to navigate in the physical world is important, particular for younger children. The coordination skills learned in tumbling classes will help your children in future athletic endeavors (also including dance and acting). Better coordination can also lead to better self confidence.

4. Learning Teamwork Skills
Working with a coach and learning within a group setting can help kids learn the value of teamwork. Cheering others on when they improve, learning from their accomplishments and mistakes, and challenging one another are all important skills children will need to develop throughout the rest of their lives.

5. Appreciating Hard Work
Tumbling classes are difficult. There are no shortcuts to learning how to perform any of the moves learned in class. Hard work is required, and with each new accomplishment, your child will learn to value their hard work. Teaching your children to work for what they want will absolutely benefit them in the future.

Tumbling classes can help turn children into star
athletes and professional cheerleaders. However, tumbling classes can also benefit kids not looking to become pro athletes, by teaching them important skills that will help them transition into adulthood. Enrolling young children in tumbling lessons can help them build flexibility, strength, confidence, and balancing skills that will help them later in tumbling, and also in other sports and avenues.

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