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The trees are beginning to lose their leaves, temperatures outside are beginning to drop and the sun is going down earlier and earlier each day. All of this means that winter is quickly approaching, and with winter comes the holiday season. Before we know it, the holidays will be upon us and we’ll be scrambling about trying to find gifts for all of our friends and family members. For those who like to plan early, now is the time to start thinking about presents. Have friends who are avid runners? They can be particularly difficult to shop for since they seem to have every little running accessory you could think of. If you’re having trouble coming up with unique gift ideas for runners, consider these options:

  1. Touch Screen Running Gloves – Most die hard runners don’t let the cold keep them from getting their daily run in. People who are used to running are likely to already have their fair share of warm running gear, so coming up with something can be tricky. However, with touch screen technology becoming increasingly popular, and more runners taking these devices along on their run, touch screen running gloves are the perfect gift idea. With specialized finger tips that allow you to manage a touch screen device, touch screen running gloves let a runner change songs or check their running time without having to take their gloves of.
  2. Runners Safety Lights – The closer we get to the winter season, the less hours of sunlight we get every day. This means that many runners who enjoyed evening runs in the daylight over the spring and summer are now forced to run in the dark. Running in the dark comes with a certain set of risks, especially since it makes it more difficult for motorists to see runners jogging by. Safety lights are a great way for a runner to increase their visibility in the dark and decrease their chances of getting hit by a car. What’s better, these lights are both very bright and very small and lightweight, so runners don’t have to worry about weighing themselves down by carrying one.
  3. Runners Beer Mugs – Nothing is better after a long, cold run than a nice, refreshing beverage. Customized beer mugs make a great gift for runners who like to enjoy a cold one after a hard workout. Runners gift companies can customize mugs for any occasion, as well. These mugs make a great gift for someone who has just completed their first half or full marathon, and they make great holiday gifts, as well. Is your runner friend or family member not a beer drinker? Not a problem — they make customizable runners wine glasses too!

Buying a gift for a runner doesn’t have to drive you crazy. These are a few unique, fun and useful gift ideas that any runner would be thrilled to receive. Read more like this: www.goneforarun.com

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