International soccer academy

Did you know that soccer is the third most popular team sport in the United States? In fact, nearly 4 million American children currently play soccer. As a result, you have the option of teaching children how to play soccer through sports ministries. This means that by becoming involved in a soccer coach training program through a ministry of sports, you will learn how to effectively teach soccer to children.

– The basics of soccer. A soccer ministry will give you the opportunity to teach the basics of soccer to children. This not only encompasses the history of soccer, but it also includes teaching about soccer balls and fields, as well. For instance, a sports ministry will teach you that a soccer field is 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide, and also that the first televised soccer match occurred in 1937. Since children must learn this type of information in order to gain a better appreciation of soccer, a ministry of sports will give you the opportunity to learn and reteach it.

– Playing techniques. You will also learn how to teach playing techniques when you become involved in soccer missions. Ball handling, passing, shooting, receiving, and goal tending, for example, will all be taught to you so that you can explain these techniques to children. Children need these skills in order to become good at soccer, so you will be able to teach these skills to them at a sports ministry youth soccer camp.

There are several important reasons to attend a soccer coach training program through a ministry of sports. Not only does this training give you the knowledge needed to teach soccer basics, but it also gives you the opportunity to effectively teach playing techniques, as well. This means that by properly coaching soccer in these ways, you will have a greater impact on children’s lives.

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