Outdoor party tent rentals

Wedding season is upon us and everyone has their dream wedding in mind — yet not many people have a firm grasp on all the expenses. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings every year in the United States, we spend on average $40 million in total on weddings annually.

If you are strapped for cash or on a budget, here are ten ways to save on your Big Day:

  1. Ask for help instead of gifts. Asking for help on anything from finding wedding decoration rentals to asking a skilled photographer friend will end up saving you plenty of money. If your friends or family have musical talent, have them perform instead of paying for a band.
  2. Have an outdoor ceremony. Either having your wedding outside or at your home can end up saving you tons of money that you could be putting towards other amenities. If you plan on having an outdoor wedding, it may be in your best interest to look into canopy rentals or check prices of outdoor lighting rental equipment.
  3. DIY invitations. Make your own invitations with a quality home printer; this allows you to make each one customer to specific guests. The money you will save you can put towards important wedding decoration rentals.
  4. Find a good stereo system. There are plenty of apps out there that can play your wedding music so you won’t need to hire a DJ, and finding a good stereo system can make that music sound just like a live band — without the expense of paying for one.
  5. Cautiously shop for wedding decoration rentals. Items such as table and chair rentals should always be compared online from one company to the next. Be patient, eventually you will find a party rental company that fits your budget.
  6. Have a simple honeymoon. This is one of the easiest ways to save tons of money on your wedding. Instead of planning a big trip, just jump in the car and spend a week driving around together. Camping is also a cheap honeymoon idea.
  7. Skip out on table decorations. This may be a tough one to abide by, but finding beautiful table cover rentals instead of purchasing elaborate floral arrangements could save you some serious cash. Table cover rentals should generally be less than $5 per cover.
  8. Have a limited bar. Once you have your outdoor bar rental equipment in place, be sure that the bartender knows to only make a signature cocktail, as well as offering wine and beer. Limiting your guests choices of liquor is a savvy move to saving money.
  9. Limit your number of guests. Limiting how many people attend your reception will allow you to cut back on everything from wedding decoration rentals to table napkin rentals. Instead, focus your attention on who you really want at your wedding, not who you really need at your wedding.
  10. Have an off season wedding. We’ve all wanted a beautiful summer or early fall wedding, but consider the off season and have your party inside. You will have more luck booking your favorite venues at a lower rate than having to settle for a weekend when two other weddings are planning on using the venue.

Always be sure to rent as much equipment as possible. The party supply rental industry generates an estimated $2 billion worth of revenue every year because couples understand the importance of saving by renting equipment. Refernce materials: anarpartyrentals.com

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