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It can be very fun and great source of exercise to ride a horse. In fact, over 7 million people in the United States ride horses. There are so many riders that one in every 63 Americans has some connection to horses. f you don’t do it correctly, or don’t have the proper attire and protection, riding a horse can go from being a great activity to a painful or harmful one for both you and the horse. Part of picking the right gear is getting the correct horse apparel and protective devices for your yourself. The proper horse apparel makes you comfortable and keeps you safe. Here are 3 tips for making sure you have the right horseback riding gear.

1. The first tip is to always wear a helmet. This applies no matter your riding level. Horse riding helmets can protect you from severe injuries or even death. Samshield helmets are even more important for horse riding than biking because the thing you are riding is that much more unpredictable. It literally has a mind of its own. Protect you brain by wearing a helmet.

2. The next most important part of horse apparel is the saddle. This is what makes the actual ride possible. Saddlery equipment is a prominent part of making the ride safe for you as well as making it more comfortable. Without the saddle, you are more likely to get a traumatic injury from falling off the horse. You are also more likely to get wear and tear injuries from extended use when you don’t use a saddle. This is one of the most important pieces of horse apparel.

3. The third most important piece of horse apparel are your riding boots. These need to have low treads to get the best ride that you can. Good riding boots can help you to look stylish as well as increase your performance. This is a win win situation. get the correct horse apparel and make your ride safe for both you and your horse.

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